VS2™ Series

  • Designed to detect shock/vibration in 3-planes of motion
  • Fully adjustable
  • Includes magnetic latching feature
  • Manual or electric reset

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Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The VS2 Series switches are shock-sensitive mechanisms for shutdown of engine or electric motor powered equipment. It is designed to detect shock/vibration in three planes of motion.

These fully adjustable switches use a magnetic latch to ensure reliable operation. Explosion-proof EX models for hazardous locations are available.

Ideal for use on engines, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers and pumping units, the VS2 Series can be used where shut-down protection from damaging shock/vibration is desired. Switches are field adjustable to the sensitivity required in each application.

Basic Operation
Pushing the reset button moves the tripping latch into a magnetically held position. A shock/vibration will move the magnet beyond this holding position, thus freeing the spring loaded tripping latch to transfer the contacts and shut down the machinery (see dimensional diagrams or visual representation of parts).

Remote Reset Option
The remote reset option includes a built-in electric solenoid which allows reset of tripped unit from a remote location. Available for 115 VAC or 24 VDC.

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