• Scans 6 channels
  • Adjustable trip points
  • “J” or “K” thermocouples
  • Powered by CD ignition, 24 VDC, or 120 VAC
  • Rated for class I, division 2, group D hazardous areas
  • Start-up time delay
  • Easy to read digital display

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Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The TDX6 is an advanced design six-point temperature scanner and pyrometer. It continually scans up to six thermocouples and sequentially displays the thermocouple number and its reading. Each sensor input has a field settable trip point for alarm, shutdown or control. A read/scan selector allows the operator to set and view each trip point. With the selector in the scan mode, a thermocouple read push button provides a means to manually toggle through the six channels and to lock in on a specific channel. Normal scanning will resume approximately three seconds after releasing the push button. All trip points are continually armed and active during the scanning process.

 Type J or K, grounded‡ or ungrounded thermocouples are accommodated. Other types are available upon request.

The TDX6 can interface with other annunciators and microcontrollers. It is rated for Class I, Division 2, Group D, hazardous areas* and is available for operation from CD ignition, 120 VAC or 24 VDC.

Using grounded thermocouples introduces the risk of odd currents or voltages being imposed on the thermocouple signal which can affect the accuracy of the reading. This is an inherent problem of grounded thermocouples and the reason why we prefer ungrounded thermocouples.

* An isolation barrier is needed between the TDX6 and an Annunciator rated for ClassI, Division 1, Group D, Hazardous Areas.

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