TC, RTD and RTDT Series

  • 304 Stainless Steel Thermowell Protection
  • Compatible with Digital Swichgage®
  • Types “J” or “K” Ungrounded Thermocouples
  • 100 Ohm, 3-Wire RTD Assemblies
  • 4-20 mA DC Output RTD Transmitters

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Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

We offer a variety of highly reliable thermocouple and RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) assemblies and 4-20 mA DC output RTD transmitters.

Their innovative features include a 304 stainless steel thermowell that provides protection to the spring-loaded element.

The cast aluminum connecting head meets NEMA 4 requirements and includes an RTD transmitter or a thermocouple/ RTD terminal block mounted on ceramic Steatite and rated NEC Class 2.

The complete assemblies are offered in 2-1/2, 4-1/2 or 7-1/2 in. (63, 114 or 191 mm) thermowell insertion lengths.

Supply voltage for RTDT must be within 13-40 VDC. The graph on the diagrams tab shows the minimum supply voltage (VDC) required for a given load resistance (RL).

Thermocouple Assemblies with Thermowell
Available in types J or K, the thermocouple assemblies have ungrounded elements in a 304 stainless steel spring-loaded sheath. For product compatibility see next page (replacement parts and thermocouple extension wire are available).

RTD Assemblies with Thermowell
Resistance temperature detector (RTD) assemblies are available with a 100 ohm platinum element, 3-wire leads and spring-loaded 316L stainless steel element sheath.

RTD Transmitter Assemblies with Thermowell
RTDT assemblies transmit process variable temperatures. Available as part of the temperature sensor assemblies or as a separate units, the RTDTs accept 2- or 3-wire, 100 ohm RTDs. The RTD transmitters are loop powered. They feature linearized 4-20 mA DC outputs and have reversed polarity protection.

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