5T / 15T / 12T / 24T Time Switches

  • Two versions available:
    • Hour switch for setting run time and shutdown of equipment
    • Minute switch for a short interruption of Swichgage® circuits on test or start-up
  • Spring wound, no electric power required
  • Precision movement can be set to zero at any time
  • Built-in stop prevents overwinding

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Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The Time Switches can automatically start or stop engines or electrical motors after a predetermined time. These time switches can be wired for an open or closed circuit when time expires. They require no electrical current to operate and have an SPDT contact arrangement. These switches feature a precision movement that gives years of reliable service. The switches’ precision movement can be set to zero anytime, and a built-in stop prevents overwinding.

Two versions are available: an hour switch for setting run time and shutdown of equipment; and a minute switch for short interruption of Swichgage® circuits on test or start up.

The 12T (12 hour) and 24T (24 hour) time switches are enclosed in a NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosure. A hinged, gasketed cover and 1/2 NPT conduit connection allow for a dust-tight installation. The enclosure includes a clasp and eye for a padlock to prevent unauthorized operation. Instructions for popular engine applications are secured inside of the lid.

The 5T (5 minute) and 15T (15 minute) timers mount directly in control panels for short range timing with manual reset.

These switches are perfect for disconnecting shutdown circuits while equipment is being started.

The Time Switches are designed for use in the oil field, irrigation systems or anywhere equipment must operate or be controlled for a predetermined time. Mounted on a post or in a panel away from vibration and shock, these time switches give accurate, long-term service.