The RG10 pressure regulator is a high-pressure, direct-spring operated pressure regulator. Its heavy-duty design makes it ideal for high-pressure regulation in the oil and natural gas industry. 
Typical applications include farm taps, first or second cut regulation, transmission to distribution and many other high-pressure processes.

  • It has a maximum inlet pressure of 1500 psi and an outlet range of 27-500 psi.
  • This high-pressure regulator may also be converted into a relief valve.  
  • A NACE option is available for sour service.

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Sizes: 1” & 2”
Connection: Female NPT, flanged
Body Type: Globe
Orifice Sizes: .125” (1/8”), .188” (3/16”), .25”, .375” (3/8”), .50”
Temperature Range: 
0° F to 300° F (-18° C to 149° C) Viton®
-20° F to 180° F (-29° C to 82° C) Buna, nylon, neoprene
Body Pressure Rating: 1500 psi
Housing Pressure Rating: 
To prevent housing failure: 550 psi 
To prevent damage to internal parts: 200 psi above set point up to 550 psi max
Weight: 1”–25 lbs, 2”– 30 lbs
Body: WCB steel
  Housing and Spring Cover: WCB steel
  Orifice, Disk Holder and Shuttle: Brass, stainless (optional)  
Disk: Buna, Viton®, nylon
  Diaphragm: Neoprene, Viton® (optional)