TTD™ Annunciator Panel

  • Easy to operate
  • Simple interface
  • One display head is common to all configurations requiring fewer spare parts
  • Optional tachometer using CD ignition or MPU input
  • Optional pre-lube & post-lube functionality
  • Optional no-flow detection
  • Monitors 48 user-configurable sensors

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Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The TTD is a fully configurable fault annunciator and shut-down control system designed to protect engines, compressors and associated equipment.

This easy-to-operate panel features a simple interface. One display head is common to all configurations which requires fewer spare parts. The optional tachometer may use CD ignition or MPU input. The panel offers optional pre-lube or post-lube functionality as well as optional no-flow detection. It can monitor 48 user-configurable sensors.