Centurion™ Custom Control Panel

C5 Custom Panels

The Centurion™ Custom Control Panel is a fully integrated control and monitoring system for a variety of applications. Control Panels are designed on an engineered-to-order basis, and we can partner with you to create user customized, multi-application design for your specifications. We specialize in building panels for use in hazardous areas, and you can be assured that the design will include components and wiring methods to meet those standards. The Centurion C5 Controller in these panels is custom programmed for any variety of custom control loop algorithms, custom calculations, highly specialized valve sequencing or any other control scenario for your equipment. Applications for electric motor, electronic engine and mechanical engine-driven gas compressors and pumps are an example of the types of equipment that can be used with our Control Panel; however, the system lends itself to almost any control solution that you may have in mind.

The Application Firmware is developed in-house and tested fully by our quality control department. It can be updated in panels using USB memory storage devices or free PC-based transfer tools.


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Product Overview: 

The Centurion Custom Control Panel is equipped with the latest evolution in FW Murphy’s controller technology. This full-featured controller provides the stability of proven technology combined with the latest HMI touch screen for greater expandability and user interface.

The Centurion Custom panel features custom application programming as well as full-time data logging and expandable communication capabilities.