VRU Pro™ Controller Panel

VRU Pro Panel
  • Comprehensive signal monitoring and control
  • Automatic start and stop based on suction pressure
  • Driver speed / recycle valve / bypass valve / capacity slide valve / 2 stage poppet control options using 3 PID loops monitoring suction pressure, discharge pressure and driver load
  • Fit for purpose, multifunction I/O including analog inputs / outputs and thermocouple inputs
  • Engine / electric motor monitoring and protection features are selectable
  • CAN SAE J1939 engine communications with option to adjust speed via TSC1 messages
  • Setup configurable through keypad
  • CSA C1D2 hazardous-area rated; standard
  • Modbus RTU monitoring and remote control ready (RS-485)

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Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The controller keeps the compressor in a ready-to-start condition until tank pressure reaches a preset level. At that point, it starts the compressor to recover the vapors and draws pressure back down to the set point, when it then turns off the compressor.

It’s designed to utilize either AC or DC power. The controller is equipped with 18 fit-for-purpose fixed digital, analog, thermocouple and frequency inputs and nine field-effect transistor (FET) and analog outputs.

The VRU Pro Controller pairs with single stage reciprocating, screw or scroll compressors and is certified for CSA Class I, Division 2 hazardous-area operations.