LR500 Series

  • Unique anti-clog thumb-valve
  • Regulate oil flow from reservior to keep lubricator full
  • Eliminates manual oil check and refill time
  • Low-level shutdown switch
  • Reduce engine and Pump Repairs casued by low lube level

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Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The LR500 Series Level Regulators automatically add oil to a lubricator to maintain the factory-recommended level. This function eliminates the work time necessary for manual checks and refills.

Each model has a low-level shut-down switch to protect equipment when oil supply is lost. If the lubricator oil level drops below the minimum operations level, the low-level switch will operate an alarm and/or shut down the equipment.

Model LR579 is for Lincoln lubricators. It features an adjustable low-level shut-down contact.

LR589 is for Lincoln lubricators, and the LR589NC is the normally closed-wired version of the LR589. Both LR589 products contain a mercury bulb inside a hermetically-sealed mercury switch.