The IntelliSpark™ product line, formerly known as Murphy Power Ignition (MPI), is an integrally designed array of advanced technology instruments to maximize the power of industrial spark-ignited natural gas-powered engines. Each component in the IntelliSpark™line – from advanced microprocessor-based controllers to the smallest sensor – gives operators more information, control and authority of their engine and driver applications.

The IntelliSpark™ product line includes: ignition controllers, ignition coils, output harnesses, brushless alternators and more.

Applications include use in oil and gas fields, gas compression, construction, mining, marine and agriculture, or wherever ignition controls are needed to provide a more cost-efficient or emission-controlled operation.

Note: Controller software has moved to the new Emissions Controls products extranet. (Assigned username and password required.)

Image Title
IntelliSpark® Ignition Controller SystemUser friendly, field programmable controllers for ignition control systems.
Ignition CoilsMulti-purpose ignition coils to fit wide range of applications.
601 CD Ignition SystemSelf-powered CD ignition system.