A20P / A25P Series

A20P / A25P Series

The A20 Series (2 inch/51 mm dial) and the A25 Series (2-1/2 inch/64 mm dial) Swichgage instruments are diaphragm-actuated, pressure-indicating gages with built-in electrical switches for tripping alarms and/or shutdown devices.

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Product Overview: 

Ranges are available from 0-15 psi (103 kPa) [1.0 bar] through 0-400 psi (2.8 MPa) [28 bar].

These rugged, built-to-last instruments are face sealed from the environment by the unique combination of a polycarbonate case and lens, a polished stainless steel bezel and O-ring seals. Ranges above 30 psi (207 kPa) [2 bar] are sealed from the external environment (except PE Series). Ranges of 30 psi and lower have a small weep hole in the bottom of the case. Accuracy and protection from moderate overpressure is assured by a unique, unitized diaphragm chamber. A built-in pulsation dampener helps eliminate pointer flutter and is removable for cleaning.

For series A20P and A25P, the gage pointer acts as a pressure indicator and as one switch pole which completes a circuit when it touches the adjustable limit contact. Contacts have self-cleaning motion to ensure electrical continuity.

Models A20PE and A25PE have internal snap-acting SPDT switches for three wire control and can be wired to make or to break a circuit.

Gage-only models, without switches (Murphygage instrument) are also available.

A20/A25 Series applications include: engines/equipment in oil field, marine, irrigation, construction and trucking for lube oil pressure, water pump pressure, hydraulic pressure, air pressure, etc.

Base Models

A20P and A25P Series Swichgage
The gage pointer makes with an adjustable contact to complete a pilot duty circuit.

A20PE and A25PE Swichgage
A20PE (was A20EO) and A25PE (was A25EO). Features internal snap-acting SPDT switches, instead of the single pole/pointer contacts. When the switch closes on falling pressure, it becomes set, as pressure rises the switch resets (refer to wiring diagram).
Model A25PE is CSA listed for non-hazardous areas.
Model A25PE-EX is CSA listed for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D hazardous areas.

A20PABS and A25PABS Swichgage instrument
Same as A20P and A25P with internal SPDT snap-switch for pre-alarm

A20PG and A25PG Murphygage instrument
Gage without contact(s)