Centurion™ C5 Series

  • Fully configurable control and monitoring system. Applications include reciprocating/screw compressors and pump systems.
  • Expandable system to meet most three or four stage compressor applications.
  • User configurability with Windows-based software allows the operator to point and click to implement standard processes. All I/O points can be custom configured.
  • No programming experience required.
  • Local and remote communications,      MODBUS RTU via RS485/232/Ethernet.
  • USB 1.1 / 2.0 support for laptops without a serial port.
  • Upload/download capabilities for configurations and set points.
  • Shut-down history list (Last 20 events).
  • Event history list (Last 32 events).
  • Active alarm list.
  • 10 configurable maintenance timers.
  • Run hourmeter.
  • Support for no-flow totalization using lubricator pulses.
  • Short cycle start protection / starts per hour (electric motor).
  • Eight control loops (ISA PID or Linear).
  • Configuration templates provided for simple use.
  • Configurations stored in non-volatile Flash memory.
  • Set points stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory.
  • Production Programmable, CS&S can modify to meet customer requirement without engineering support.
  • CAN capable, to support electronic engines.
  • One core module for Standard and Custom applications.
  • View EICS and Centurion systems on one M-VIEW® Touch screen display.
  • Ability to upgrade your older Centurion LCD display to the M-VIEW for higher resolution, less scrolling and brighter back light.
  • Diagnostics that reduce troubleshooting.
  • World-class certifications and harmonized international standards.
  • Future-proof and backward compatible.
  • All non-incendive inputs.
  • Compressor Rod Load calculation, alarm and shutdown.

Centurion Software Download

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Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

 The Centurion Configurable Controller is the core of the Centurion control and monitoring system. The C5 Controller puts users in control with diagnostics that reduce troubleshooting, improve communication and enhance data management. 

Primarily designed for engine/electric motor driven compressors, the Centurion is well suited for many control applications using standard configurations to save money and reduce training. Additionally, FW Murphy specializes in custom designing control packages to meet exact specifications for a variety of applications.

Continuously monitoring input signals, set points and command outputs to maintain proper operation, the Centurion C5 Controller will stop, shut down or control equipment to change conditions when an out-of-limits event occurs. The auto-start capabilities of the Centurion allow for start/stop based on parameters such as pressure set points or by digital signals.

The Centurion provides real-time data via communication ports to a connected display and any remote monitoring system through Ethernet and serial methods.