Published May 15, 2017 - FW Murphy Production Controls will share industry-leading products and in-depth knowledge during the 2017 Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable May 23-25 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Published Dec 06, 2016 - Sun Hydraulics Corporation (NASDAQ: SNHY) completed its acquisition of Enovation Controls, LLC's Power Controls and Vehicle Technologies lines of business on December 5, 2016. Enovation Controls, LLC is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sun Hydraulics Corporation.
Published Nov 17, 2016 - Enovation Controls has signed an agreement and announced that Sun Hydraulics Corporation was acquiring the Power Controls (PC) and Vehicle Technologies (VT) lines of business. In this process, they also acquired the Enovation Controls and Murphy brand names as well.
Published Feb 11, 2016 - Unscheduled downtime in oil and gas production operations is a double whammy that results in lost revenues and added costs to repair problems, which erodes bottom-line margins. But in times of low commodity prices especially, any equipment failure or downhole operating condition that disrupts the flow of hydrocarbons to the sales line can be a profit killer.
Published Mar 10, 2014 - A two minute video highlighting EControls was recently filmed in the San Antonio facility.
Published Sep 03, 2013 - By integrating all key engine operational controls in a single user-friendly system, the technology is designed to generate and maintain operational efficiency throughout the life of the engine and its systems, allowing operators to meet emission regulations while optimizing output and saving time and resources.
Published Feb 19, 2013 - EICS® integrates key components for engine optimization
Published Jan 24, 2013 - A two minute video highlighting Murphy was recently filmed in the Tulsa facility.
Published Aug 14, 2012 - The MLS Series Liquid Level Switches are a float actuated magnetic switch design which eliminates the need for seals between the process and the electrical connections.
Published Aug 10, 2012 - Leading natural gas compression services provider Exterran anticipates performance and emissions benefits with the Engine Integrated Control System (EICS®) from FW Murphy.